Straight from the horse's mouth! Here are a few testimonials from some of our lovely liveries. We have a great mix of people at the yard and a friendly and supportive environment.

Sally & Bruno

What do I love about being at Elms Farm?  Pretty much everything!  I love that my horse is happy and content, as are all of them.  I love that there's lots of horses but it's still a calm and peaceful place.  I love that I can go on holiday and my husband doesn't get irritated with me because I'm worrying if 'they've remembered to do this, that and the other' for Bruno - because there's no worry.  I love the year round turnout, the routine and consistency that all the horses get.  I love that there is support and advice without judgement from Natalie if it's required.  I love the cheery team that work there and the fact that they genuinely love all the horses and see them as individuals.  The hacking is pretty amazing and of course I love the laughs and chats with my fellow liveries who have become friends, the cups of tea and Cathy's cakes.  There's nothing I don't love - except I have to drive through Chelmsford to get there - but it's worth it! 

Harriet & Disney

There's nowhere nearby I'd rather keep my horse than Elms. It really is a bespoke livery service; you need a buddy for your horse, they'll find you one, ad lib hay, you got it. Nothing is too much trouble and the welfare of the horses is always top priority. There are wonderful hacking routes straight off the yard, a great school that's never overbooked and plenty of grazing all year round. It's a lovely friendly, sociable atmosphere too, everyone gets on like a house on fire (really!) and the annual yard BBQ, mince pie and mulled wine evening, and yard Christmas party are always great fun, not to mention the clinics on bitting, nutrition, training etc. I can't recommend it enough, we've been there 3 years this summer which I think speaks for itself.

Cathy & Romeo

I have known Natalie for over 4 years and there is no one else that I would trust to care for my horse. Natalie has a wealth of experience with both horses and owners, she has been able to create a top rate, professionally run yard where the objective is to ensure that the horses are as happy and healthy as possible. Natalie provides support, advice, and amazing knowledge but more importantly she is nice, approachable and caring and this means that spending time at the yard feels like you are spending time with your family.